Soothing Qualities of Relaxing Piano Music

It's incredible how a piece of music can elevate one's soul. Whether it's playing in the background or in the fore-front, it is always there for us to assist. Many have correlated their feelings and expressions and coined them to paper or straight to an instrument for all to hear.

What pleasure the mind, body, and soul takes you through as you hear a beautiful version of a relaxing piano music piece. The essence of the timbres as they hit the strings resonating thoughts of elegance and beauty. It is the mere fact that these sounds are given you a feeling of relaxation and pleasure.

Through the years as we grow through this journey of life, we find ourselves striving for the peace and tranquility we know we deserve. Can it not be that these artist who we listen to feel, and have felt the same way? Bringing out what we hold deep down inside us, and captivating us with the mystique of utter brilliance.

Did you ever just sit and listen to a relaxing piano piece? The soothing qualities relax you mind, body, and soul. Nurturing the soul and giving you thoughts that you have encompassed through your existence, shedding the dark and encompassing the light, certainly what we possess deep down inside.

So why then do we choose the piano? Why do we listen to it for relaxing music? The piano is like an orchestra. There is no other instrument that has been given to us that can do the work of the piano. Sure all instruments can convey sound, but when it comes to composition, it can not be out matched. Many who study an instrument while learning their craft, whether it be trumpet, woodwinds or guitar, if serious with their craft, know they have to study the piano in one way or another to grasp the full essence of composition. A great jazz trumpeter by the name of Dizzy Gillespie once said, if you do not know the piano, then you do not know composition.

The soothing qualities of the piano are like a warm night's summer breeze. It has been heard in many areas of our life. From television to movies we listened to it in the background, waiting for the next scene to arrive. Anticipating what would come next.

It is said that music holds the key to our hearts and soul. Soothing qualities of relaxing piano music plays a large part and forever shall stay in our lives.

Source by Phil Casagrande


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