Where Can I Listen to Books Online For Free?

At some point we all have to trade our reading time for something more pressing, like work, or family needs. But you do not have to give up enjoying a good book. There are many resources that allow you to listen to a book online, or download in the form of pod-casts or other media formats.

  • At Librivox.org you can listen to free public domain books that are completely legal. Several options for listening are available.
  • At Telltale Weekly you will find a free audio library that allows you to download MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and AAC Audiobooks.
  • At Audiobooksforfree.com you can also get autio books in MP3 format with no banners, popups, spyware, viruses or email harvesting.
  • FREE audio books can be found a Literalsystems.org and the site encourages you to share with students if you are affiliated with a school.

These are just a few places you can Listen to Books online for free.

You can also find pod-casts that allow you to listen on the move. For example:

  • WellToldTales.com offers pulp-fiction short stories read by professional actors.
  • Podiobooks.com allows you to subscribe to serialized audio books and get regular 'deliveries' on you ipod or similar device.
  • You can get free university courses, audio books, foreign language lessons and more from oculture.com
  • Hear the classics like Jane Austen, Dickinson, Shakesepare and poetry by going to nikolledoolin.com

Want more?

Hear books from your favorite authors like HP Lovecraft at voicesinthedark.com

At Lit2Go through Florida's Educational Technology Clearing House you can access many children, teen and family books. Look for authors like Louisa May Alcott, Hans Christian Anderson, Jules Verne and Lewis Carroll.

Are you getting Pod Casts yet?

Podcasts are similar to audio books but they are basically audio blogs. Like blogs they are usually free. Check your favorite blog to see if they offer audio blog casts. If not, how about some of these:

  • The BBC radio station online allows you to listen to broadcasts.
  • If you go to earideas.com you can access a collection of audio which includes public and other broadcasts, magazines, newspapers, museums and more. There are daily updates and you can subscribe, download or listen at the site.
  • At getapodcast.com you can do your own search. You can also search for free podcasts in Yahoo and Google.
  • Do a search for internet archive: old time radio to get to the site of the golden age of radio. I use this site often as a supplement to literature. It is fun to listen to the old broadcasts from archive.org

These suggestions should keep you supplied with all the audio you need, but if it is not enough try a search for free audio books and you will get lots of suggestions from a myriad of sites across the net.

Source by Barbara Cagle


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