Bring Your Phone Into The New Age With MP3 Ringtones

What is the fascination with Mp3 ringtones? Apart from the fact that you can upload any top-selling song to your cell phone instead of settling for the annoying ringer that comes with a new phone, the Mp3 format has become a phenomenon since it’s inception in the early 90s.

Mp3 ringtones are not limited to music. There are theme songs from TV shows, quotes from popular TV dramas, movie tones, animal tones, and ring tones from artists and celebrities from A to Z.

Anyone with a cell phone has inevitably added Mp3 ringtones to their cell phone reflecting their style and personality. If the world were suddenly to remain silent for five minutes, you would hear a cacophony of music that would rival any symphonic chorus.

So what is the attraction? Well, it is easily explained. Whether you’re young or old, having the ability to hear a tune from a favorite TV show from the 50s or 60s is quite engaging. Perhaps you were a fan of Laverne and Shirley or Bonanza or remember every episode from the Love Boat; there is something to be said in hearing a tune that brings back pleasant memories.

For today’s youth, the number of ringtones available seems endless. Moreover, with all of the free Mp3 ring tones online, they can spend hours upon hours uploading them to their cell phones and/or create their own library of sounds. In fact, anyone who is technically savvy can make their own as well.

When cell phones were first introduced, they were meant to be used for emergencies only. Today, however, cell phones are technological wonders that can be used to take pictures, send and receive emails, text message, upload files, access the internet, and yes; when used as a communication device, can grab one’s attention with the myriad of sounds that emanate from it.

For those of us who have yet to embark on this new and exciting format that is Mp3, the opportunity to transform a cell phone into an enjoyable and fun experience can be achieved quite easily. As with any technology that is new, once you’ve tried it you begin to wonder why you didn’t take advantage of it from its inception.

Mp3 ringtones have become more sophisticated since the early 90s, and they offer a cell phone user an opportunity to participate in a new “wav” of technology that has swept the nation and the world.

Source by Craig Thornburrow


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