Top 7 Feng Shui Stress Relievers

Feng Shui is the art of being one with your surround by setting up your surrounding to reduce stress. From uncluttering your bedroom to having warm and inviting colors that are not in conflict with your spirit or chi energy. Feng Shui can be an effective stress reducer if you practice the art of finding the balance, with the yin and yang. Here are the top seven ways to help reduce stress through feng shui.

1) Meditation is a very common technique used in to bring the Yin and Yang into balance, allowing you to have a greater peace resonate from within.

2) Feng Shui also incorporates sounds of nature and other relaxing music to help you calm the soul and bring about peace and relaxation of the mind.

3) There is no way you can be a true practitioner of the art and have a clutter filled life that is disorganized. By apply the art of Feng Shui to unclutter your life; your able to be more productive and less stressed there is such a peace that comes when your life and home is organized.

4) Stretching allows your joints to become more flexible, and flexible body is good way of bring about a flexible mind. You feel when your joints and muscles are moving with a scene of ease, the less likely tension can build up in your body and in your life.

5) By Using the color chart to find the colors that speaks to your personality, and that are also warm and inviting colors goes a long way in making sure your bedroom color helps to reduce your stress level.

6) Using Feng Shui items to create the most relaxing and stress free environment, such as bamboo plant, flute, bells and crystals and some of the items used by practitioners to bring about a relaxing and stress free environment, and allows that your life is with balance with nature.

7) Also creating a comfortable environment is a great way to reduce stress and increase productivity and comfortable clothing is one major component, because unfortunately we can’t walk around naked. Since we spend most of our lives in clothes lose fitting clothes and sandals are the ideal clothing to help with the reduction of stress.

Very successful people need to do these things and more to stay effective and productive. We’ve laid out some more detail techniques how you can do, these things. Check out the link below!

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