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Any organization, whether big or small, should concentrate more on its core activities in order to grow and become profitable. Most business and other organizations nowdays are turning to outsourcing transcription services in order to minimize the work load of their employees so that they can pursue their main objective. This creates mutual benefits for the transcription service provider and the company outsourcing the work.

Different Fields Where Transcription is Used

The common areas where transcription is outsourced include reports, manuscripts, interviews, meetings, dictations, forums, articles, teleconferences, statements, correspondences, and telephone conversations.

Transcription experts are professionals who can handle different tape formats that include MP3, WAV, standard audio tapes, mini, macro, and other digital formats. Transcription services are used by companies in diverse fields such as medicine, insurance, automobiles, airlines, media, corporate world, academic research, financial services, investigation services, general business, and others.

How Transcription is Carried Out

There are many transcription service providers available online and it is necessary to browse different websites and select the most reputed and experienced online service provider. Having made your choice, you can settle the rates and terms and start offloading your work. You would need to upload your dictation, audio recordings, court-hearing recordings, legal documents, teleconferences, doctors' findings, podcasts, or focus groups via the secure transcription workflow systems of the service provider. The professionals of the transcription service will convert the audio inputs into quality transcripts and send it back to you by email.

The main essence of the whole work is time limit and the ideal transcription provider adheres to the stipulated time frame. The work is also transported out by using the templates of the client. Multiple channels of digital or analogue audio are encoded by the client into MPEG-2, AC-3, and AAC and distributed over ASI or IP. The audio or video encoding CD files are transmitted to the service provider either over LAN or via FTP. It is necessary for the transcription service provider to maintain an excellent level of accuracy and minimum word error along with sticking to the delivery stipulations.

Benefits of Transcription Services

* It helps the client to extend his business, and improve communication and efficiency of operations.

* The work is done quickly, accurately, reliably, and on time.

* The time of the secretariat staff can be used for more profitable administrative and fee-earning work.

* It brings the need for pool typists and / or floaters.

* Fixed costs are eliminated because payment is made only for the work done by the service provider.

* Overheads by way of holiday pay, sick leave, and building / leasing costs can be eliminated.

* Software license costs are reduced since these are the responsibility of the service provider.

* There is no extra cost for transcription work done out of normal business hours, weekends, or holidays.

* Costs related to turnover of staff are reduced.

Your efficiency and profit can increase if you avail of legal transcription or academic research transcription services depending on the field in which you operate. You can focus more on your business rather than spending valuable time worrying about documentation and other routine processes that can be handled efficiently and economically by the transcription services provider.

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