An Introduction Towards Baby Showers and Gift Ideas

A baby shower is a celebration of the recent birth of a child and is usually met with a party in which the child's parents is presented with gifts to celebrate this major event. Sometimes people refer to a baby shower as symbolically meaning that the baby is showered with gifts, which is in some way true in the western world. But in some cultures a shower does indeed take place, such as in China or in Latin America.

Baby Showering events in other Countries – China

A showering event is not just a western concept, in fact Ancient China also has the costume of celebrating a child's first month, known as the 'full month'. As in the past, as medical technology was not as advanced and infant mortality rates were high, having a survival survival his / her first month was considered an accomplishment and is a good sign that the baby will survive till adult age. On that day, food is prepared for the gods and the toddler gets a haircut.

The haircut is considered an important costume. A rock and a bronze coin needs to be put into the shampoo, a hard boiled egg with red dyed shell is rolled up the baby's head, representing that the toddler will become a government official, one of the most prestigious occupations in ancient China. On the day of the full month, the mother's family is required to send gifts to the child, which includes everything the child has to wear such as baby cap, clothes and the shoes as well as decorative jewels, known as 'tou Wei' , which literally means 'head to tail'.

Baby showering gift ideas

What gifts should be prepared for your best friend's or relatives baby when you attend a baby showering event?

As baby shower events are usually gift giving events, it is often hosted by the parent's best friend as it would have considered rude if the family ask for gifts on behalf of the parent's child. Typical gifts received include but not limited to diapers, baby bottles, clothes and toys. In recent years, there has been a trend and increased demand to provide more creative baby shower gifts. Baby gift shops already provide the traditional, such as clothes, toys to the special, such as music box, pillows, or even baby laptops!

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