Subliminal Messages in Music – How to Use Subliminal Messages in Music to Change Your Life

A subliminal message is a signal or a message recorded in a video or audio benefit the original text. Such subliminal messages have no influence on our conscious mind but affect our subconscious. The subconscious may then influence our conscious actions to act in accordance with the message embedded within the message. Some argument that effects of subliminal messages are rather insignificant while others argue that they are unavoidable and potentially harmful, especially if abused

These days subliminal messages are very much popular in music industry. Subliminal messages in music have been given a name of 'Backward Messages' or more commonly 'Backward Masking'. It is very easy to record back messages on existing sounds or subliminal messages in music with the help of the computer on simply a click of mouse. An interesting thing about subliminal messages in music is that they can easily be disguised with other natural or unnatural form of sounds such as blowing wind, traffic noise, rain falling or even water crashing. Since subliminal messages in music have been discovered many controversial cases can be found.

In the late 60's a Beatles album was supposedly contained one example of a subliminal messages in music, a suggestion that Paul McCartney had died. The controversy raged extensively when some religious groups claimed that Satan was possessing the singers and causing them to insert subliminal messages in music.

Another popular example of subliminal messages in music is the popular song Stairway to Heaven "by Led Zeppelin. This song contained not one but many subliminal messages." Play backwards. Hear words sung ", is the message you hear at the very end of the song. Amazingly, if you play the song back you will find many satanic related messages. sweet Satan. The one who little path would make me sad whose power is fake. "

Subliminal message in music are mostly popular among rock and electronic bands. There are many thousands of albums containing subliminal messages. Some bands do this through hidden means while some of them do it openly. Pitcher Shifter, known for incorporating technology in their music, has been openly making use of subliminal messages in their music for years. In their album Infotainment released in 1996 they included two tracks and went as far as to include a warning message at the start of its first track that a subliminal message is about to be played.

On the other hand, the band Judas Priest was taken to court for using subliminal messages in their songs which believed to have prompted the listeners to commit suicide. The case was discharged and they were never proved to have used these techniques.

Josie and the pussycats, a movie released in year 2001, It focuses on the concept of subliminal messages in music and effects on teen minds when constantly listened to subliminal music but also assures viewer that the spell can be broken and one can return to a normal life.

Subliminal messages in videos have been proven to affect sales of condiments at the movie theaters, and in 2006 Derren Brown, and English illusionist, did an experiment which showed how subliminal messages could cause such dramatic effects as to cause 65% of people who had watched a movie to have completely forgotten the plot.

Subliminal messages in music do not needarily need to be all bad. If one was to listen to a subliminal message in music designed to help them lose weight, studies indicate that they would, more than likely, be able to lose weight dramatically. Utilizing subliminal messages in music has not been studied long enough to determine their effectiveness, but they should prove to be effective, they can shave years off of your own personal change, whether you want more confidence, to lose weight, or to quit smoking.

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