Publish MP3 Public Domain Music For Profit

For most of us who were old enough to vote in the 1980s, we remember buying the same songs by the same artists, time and time again. We bought the album in our teens, and maybe the eight-track tape when we had our first car. When we got a little older, we bought the same album again in cassette form, and when the 90s rolled around, we bought it one more time on CD. Every time we bought that “album”, a lot of money changed hands.

The artist got a few pennies, the composer got a few, maybe the musicians got some, the publishing house got some, and the record company who produced and distributed the actual piece of media got paid, too. When the same album came out, yet again, in an MP3 format, everyone was paid again.

There is a type of music that can be downloaded without paying anyone a cent – MP3 music. This type of music is available to everyone to use for whatever reason they want. You can download MP3 music to play at your wedding, to listen to in your car, to accessorize your blog site, or even to sing at karaoke night. Before using what you consider to be public music, though, you should verify that it is safe for you to use. Research how to verify that the music is really public and free. At the same time, look for ideas on how to use it for profit.

MP3 public music is not pirated or stolen music. It is music that has been transferred to the public domain either because its license has expired or because its origins are unknown. Older compositions by classical artists are generally considered public domain. Nursery rhymes, national anthems, and many songs from early in the 20th century are considered public domain. Every day, more and more songs have their license expire and they are moved into the public domain.

Source by W. M. Heus


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