Things To Do In Morzine Apart From Skiing

Usually, skiing or snowboarding will be the main focus of a snow holiday; however, many resorts offer any number of additional or complementary reasons for booking a ski chalet. Morzine is one of them, and any skier or mountain biker spending a holiday at this lovely Alpine resort will find a fair few activities to fill their idle hours.

Unsurprisingly, most of these alternative activities and day trips are related to the resort's natural surroundings, one of its main advantages when it comes to booking a ski chalet. Morzine sits in the middle of absolutely stunning Alpine scenery, and while in winter the snow covers most of it, visitors to the region in spring will find an appreciable amount of bucolic, appealing natural sights to take in. And while all of the region surrounding the resort is well worth a few hours' ramble through, a competent of spots in particular are sure to appeal to any nature-loving traveller visiting Morzine.

Take to the lakes

Not far from the resort, for instance, are two sprawling lakes just waiting to be visited. Avoriaz Lake serves as the main drinking water reservoir for the region, but it's Lac de Montriond that is sure to appeal to springtime visitors, particularly those with children. This is because this spot contains a safe, secluded beach, which, provided the weather is warm enough, can provide children and adults alike with a pleasant afternoon of dipping and sunbathing. Fans of fishing and boating can also indulge in their favorite activities at this location, making it well worth the day trip to.

Make beautiful music

However, when it comes to reasons – other than skiing – for leaving your ski chalet, Morzine does not stop here. The town itself is quaint and rife with historical atmosphere, and offers at least one interesting spot in which to while away a cold or incompetent afternoon: the Museum of Mechanical Music, or Musée de la Musique Mécanique. Centred on a somewhat unusual subject, this museum displays a collection of mechanical instruments, such as organs and music boxes. It can make for an interesting reminder of a time gone by, or simply to get your children acquainted with these relics from another time. In any case, it is a pleasant way of spending a few hours.

Getting active

For tourists renting a ski chalet, Morzine also offers a couple of wintertime activities that may be worth a try. The resort has its own ice-hockey rink and team, so fans of the sport (more popular in Switzerland than football / soccer) might be able to catch a few games or try their hand at shooting a few pucks. More adventurous visitors can also try night-time skiing or boarding, which takes place on Thursday night, under floodlights, on the run at the bottom of the Plenney.

It is evident this resort is not strictly for the winter sport enthusiast. Even if you are a casual tourist booking a ski chalet, Morzine still has plenty to offer.

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