Reinventing Your Life

Many of Us have found Ourselves in positions where We had to say ‘enough is enough’. This usually happens when We finally realized that the way We were doing things quite simply didn’t work anymore.

If this is the position that You are in firstly I’d like to say well done! The fact that You’ve chosen to actually begin doing things differently means that You’re already on Your way to a more successful, more prosperful, more wonderful life.

Now that You’re in the position to start doing things differently this is the time to start deciding exactly what You want. Settling for situations was probably one of the things that got You where You are so now it’s time to sit down and discover just who You are and what You want.

The first step as always is to get relaxed. Do something You enjoy, take a walk, go to the beach or listen to some relaxing music.

After You are sufficiently calm take a look around You and decide what parts You don’t like about Your current life but more importantly the things that You do like. Even though You may be in a corner highlighting the things that You like will show You that there is hope.

Begin making a list of all the things You would like to change in Your life. After You’ve made the list then it’s time to begin work on Your affirmations.

Affirmations are simply phrases said to Yourself as many times a day as is comfortable that are said from the perspective of You already having what You want. An example would be ‘I am a Happy and Energetic person’.

Note that when saying these affirmations You should work Yourself up in to a feeling of excitement.

After saying these affirmations to Yourself clear Your mind by concentrating yet again on that calming activity that You did earlier and allow the ideas to come to You that will produce the desired changes in Your life.

Make a note of each idea that comes to You and from those pick the ones that You feel most comfortable with.

Begin to take the actions outlined even if they are things You consider small. While doing the small things You will begin to notice more ideas will start flowing to You that will take You further along Your road to reinventing Your life.

Thank You for reading and here’s Me wishing You all the best in the world.

Source by Ricky J K Ruto


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