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Cuckoo Clocks – A History

Early in the 17th Century many years before clocks were being carved in the Black Forest, Philipp Hainhofer (21 July 1578 – 1647) a merchant, banker, diplomat and art collector in Augsburg, wrote about a cuckoo clock which was owned by Prince Elector August von Sachsen. This is the first known description of a Cuckoo… Read More »

Reduce Hypertension With Deep Relaxation

It is known that hypertension can be caused by stress. It is why we are advised to build some relaxation time into our daily routine. How effective is relaxation is lowering high blood pressure? I have investigated this by conducting an (unscientific) experiment of my own into deep relaxation. The results were surprising. Different types… Read More »

Effective Use of Music in Movies

One of the main contributing factors to a movie's success is its soundtrack. Music is an essential element in most plays and dramas. Shakespeare made efficient use of music in his famous plays. Movie makers realize that a lot of the movie's business at the box office depends upon the music recording. There are many… Read More »

The Band Box Tavern

Recently, my sister and I were reminiscing about our wild party days when we were younger- when we'd stay out until 5 in the morning and hide out in my car around the corner from the house, waiting for our mom to leave for work so that we would not walk in while she was… Read More »

How Can RSS Feeds Help Your Online Business?

So who should I use RSS Feeds? How can it help with my online business? 1. RSS Feeds allow you to deliver your newsletter / message directly to the desktop of your subscribers and readers, BYPASSING email. As you may have read or hear, email is not getting through to a lot of people, especially… Read More »

How to Promote Your Music in 2012

A couple of decades ago it was illegally an aspiring musician would get the opportunity to record their own music. If you were in a band and wanted to record a proper sounding album you would need to be signed to a record label which would pay for the advance for you to make an… Read More »

Electric Foot Massagers Save the Day!

Regardless of the reason behind the aching feet, it is time to get rid of the discomfort or even pain. An electric foot massager can provide anyone with feet that feel great and are ready to get going instead of slowing a person down. Reflexology massage is a system of massaging specific areas of the… Read More »