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The Benefits of Music Technology in Schools

1. Music technology helps to improve the understanding of musical theory "You can use it [Logic Pro] to teach students pretty much any topic especially the use of dynamics, in a hands on practical way". J Clarke BDA, Head of Music. The plug-in and automation features in Logic Pro and most music software, enable students… Read More »

What Is Audio Acrobat?

So we all know that the key to operating a small business is organization. We also know how vital marketing is to promote our product and services and how expensive it is to hire outside companies to manage the marketing. The bottom line is that there are a lot of components involved in successful and… Read More »

A Tribute to the Inventor of Ringtones

Remember the "ancient times", when your cell phone had just two ring options: a shrill, electronic trill, or a scratchy melody (something incredibly dull, like Fur Elise) that came with the unit? Those miserable days are over, thanks to the innovations introduced by a Finnish computer programmer named Vesa-Matti Paananen. When Nokia, the company he… Read More »

Aromatherapy Massage and Massage Oils

Aromatherapy, as the name suggests, means treating the body using scents. Throw in massage to that and you have a healing treatment that stimulates the senses – touch, smell and even sight and hearing (when the setting is right and you have added mood lighting and relaxing music). With this modality, essential oils are used… Read More »