3 Easy Meditation Types For Beginners

If you've never mediated before but you want to try it out, here are some meditation types that total beginners at meditation can attempt successfully. Meditation does not need to be difficult, so anyone telling you that is grossly mistaken. Sometimes meditation is as easy as listening to a meditation music and drifting away to… Read More »

Technologies That Can Play Audio Books

The most perfect attribute of an audio books is that it comes on different kind of formats. Whether it is recorded on tape, CD, DVD or even in MP3 formats. The great thing about this is that it can be played on various types of players. From portable cassette players, CD/DVD players, iPod’s or MP3’s.… Read More »

Beginner's Guide to Music File Formats

Are you confused by the various types of music file formats out there? Most of you would have heard of the popular MP3 format, but are you aware there are other alternative digital music formats like WAV, WMA, RA and MIDI? Some of these give better sound quality than MP3 (eg the WAV format) but… Read More »

Awesome Gift Ideas for New Parents

A baby's arrival is a time of celebration and rejoicing. New parents are swamped with gifts and baby gear, but they are often overwhelmed by the changes that they face. If you know a couple who has just had a new baby, you may be wondering what you can do to help them feel more… Read More »

Understanding Internet Radio

Internet radio is an audio broadcasting medium that is similar to traditional radio. The only difference is that online radio is usually transmitted directly to computers or other similar devices via the internet. There are a number of advantages that come with internet radio. The first advantage is that online radio comes with greater choices… Read More »

Musica Popular Brasileira – A Concise History

MPB, which stands for Musica Popular Brasileira, and translates from Portuguese as “Brazilian Popular Music,” represents the broad body of work began by one of the most creative generations of musicians 20th century music has seen. Some of the classic representatives of the movement, which arose out of Brazil in the late 1960s and is… Read More »

Steinbach Nutcracker – Not Just Nutcrackers Anymore

Today, after nearly 200 years, the Steinbach nutcracker company continues to produce nutcrackers using time honored traditional methods. The Steinbach company has two German factories, one in Hohenhameln and another in Marienberg, Germany. They not only create nutcrackers, they also craft incense smokers, music boxes and ornaments. Steinbach smoking men or incense smokers, are wonderful… Read More »

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