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6 Types Of Music You Should Know About

There are thousands of different types of music that have different features. The different types of include: Blues They originated from the African-American work songs. The songs are characterized by simple and plain designs. The first blues song was published in 1912 and was written by Hart Wand. Prior to 1940s, blues music was played… Read More »

Imagine Pop Classical Music Fusion

In music fusion is the blending or welding together of diverse musical elements. This has actually been going on for a long time; much longer than people think and so called classical music has always contained elements that are present in the pop music of today, so pop classic music fusion is really no contradiction… Read More »

How the Electric Guitar Changed Music

In days gone by the guitar was a quiet, well behaved little instrument. In the nineteen thirties in America, you could barely here it in swing bands trying not to be drowned out by drums and horns. Sadly, it was fighting a losing battle. The guitar in acoustic form simply lacked the design dynamics to… Read More »

Charlie Byrd – Fingerstyle Solo Jazz Guitar

Charlie Byrd was among the most special and fascinating guitar players in jazz and pop music. He was a promising adherent of gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, a talented song writer, and a performer that played in show business with Tennessee Williams' play "The Purification" and on the concert stage along with Woody Herman's band.… Read More »

Popular Guitars: Fender

Back in 1938 in Fullerton California a man named Leo Fender opened Fender's Radio Service, a company that did repairs to radios, phonographs, musical instrument amplifiers and home audio pieces. Trade was good, and he even sidelined by selling records in his store and also had built company made PA systems that they forwarded out… Read More »

Nuances of Hindustani Classical Music

Book: Nuances of Hindustani Classical Music Author: Dr. Hema Hirlekar ISBN: 9788178062068 Page: 200 Price: INR 395 Publisher: Unicorn Books For those who listen to Hindustani classical music or those who are looking to improve their knowledge for better appreciation of the music, ‘Nuances of Hindustani Classical Music” written by Dr. Hema Hirlekar is the… Read More »

Classical Music – A Friend of Rock and Pop

Influence is widespread Classical music certainly has an influence on many aspects of society. This includes music, movies, poetry, commercials, and culture in general. Many artists, whether they play rock, pop, jazz, hip hop, or other types of music, implement various components of classical music in their work. In a way, every kind of music… Read More »

Music and Art of the Philippines

Filipino music and art have both been influenced by the cultures that have migrated to this nation. The first type of music that developed in the Philippines was indigenous music brought here by native tribes that migrated from Taiwan. There are three basic groups of indigenous music styles: southern styles, northern styles and other styles.… Read More »